Assignment Description
- Follow-up the HVAC discipline work in the project phases.
- For early phase projects, support scoping and following up studies in HVAC discipline and maturation of HVAC deliveries as required per project phase.
- During FEED and execution phase, follow-up Contractor(s) to ensure deliverables in line with scope of work, budget and schedule. Tasks and deliveries
- Follow-up Contractor(s) to ensure deliveries in line with scope of work, budget and schedule. Provide Contractor(s) with input, clarifications and maintain contact as necessary.
- Contribute to internal project evaluations and documentation e.g. Design basis, Technical and operational requirements and guidelines (TORG), functional specifications, technology assessments and qualification programs.
- Develop package specifications and provide input to procurement activities for ongoing and future project phases within own discipline e.g. equipment packages, long lead items and company provided items (CPI).
- Contribute to planning and executing HVAC packages follow-up activities. In particular, in execution phase, establish and follow up contractor’s verification of equipment packages, as relevant.
- Ensure necessary dialogue with interfacing disciplines and contribute to resolving interface issues.
- Within own discipline, drive engineering efficiency, secure safety in design, design-to-cost and constructability.
- During execution, support and take responsibility for decisions within own HVAC packages, f.ex. interdisciplinary input, handling of site queries (SQs), technical queries (TQs) and variation order requests (VORs).
- Manage relevant change proposals and requests to depart from a requirement in TORG, non- conformance requests (NCRs).
- Follow up delivery of life cycle information (LCI) within discipline.
- Ensure experience transfer from similar projects, operations and discipline network.

Qualifications Required
- MSc or BSc degree or equivalent within Mechanical engineering / HVAC - Minimum 8 years experience from similar position in previous projects.
- Experience with engineering contractors
- A strong team player with ability to handle high work load Personal qualities
- High focus on HSE, ethics and Equinor value
- Proactive and able to follow-up closely the engineering contractor and other team members
- Very important to be able to deliver even if not able to sit together with the team, through digital tools like Microsoft Teams. It may be needed to work from home or remote at times due to COVID-19.
- Ability to understand the value chain and project totality
- A team player, with good co-operational- and communication-skills
- Structured, systematic and target driven with well-defined goals
- Multidiscipline understanding

Duration 01.01.2021 - 01.10.2021

Location Stavanger or Oslo