General Description

-Support Project Manager on HSSE and risk deliverables -Have the right competencies and capabilities in place to deliver the project within our HSSE values and the project mandate -Interact with and support alliances to deliver HSSE results in accordance with project plans -Challenge and support team members and project leadership on HSSE & risk matters -Facilitate and develop a set of activities for a defined project in order to achieve HSE goals.

-Understand the Alliance concept/governance and understanding of See to it duty towards Alliances and sharing of best practices between Alliances.

-Understand a QRA and have knowledge of major accidents risk.

-Basic understanding of technical, operational and org. barriers and implication on major accident risk.

-Knowledgeable about regulatory requirements, codes and standards within own area of responsibility.

-Participation in contractor safety management processes, related to risk and barrier control, tender evaluation, oversight and supply chain management.

-Knowledge in RA methodology and experience in attending and facilitating RAs.

-Good understanding of- and insight into the key HSSE disciplines and understands basic quality management.

Main responsibilities

-Make sure alignment across project and alliances on HSSE and risk matters.

-Address functional HSSE issues with the project management team

-Verify that Consents, permits, etc. are timely in place

-Facilitate/support the overall risk management process

-Maintain HSSE as a key priority and keep project management updated on HSSE issues and expectations.

-Review the Alliance(s) and/or main Contractors(s) HSSE plans.

-Ensure HSSE input into relevant project documents, reviews and workshops from DG0-DG4.

-Represent PRO in investigation of project accidents as required
-General analytical skillset, to analyze HSSE incidents and be responsible to ensure action plan is established.

-Build a strong HSE culture in projects


-Regulatory commitments registers for project -Project HSSE Customization 

-Establish and deliver HSSE Management plan and relevant activities 

-Develop HSSE related sections in PEP and relevant project documents 

-Provide HSSE and risk input to PDO through the process and Impact assessments 

-Ensure contact with Security team in case need to perform analysis on Security.

-Applications to authorities on behalf of PM -Verification of alliance plans and deliverables 

-Verify that emergency preparedness and bridging documentation gets updated through the project 

-Updated risk picture and the process and the right level of risk management competency.

-Establish and follow up HSSE KPI’s if required -Support and give input into Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation.

-Not limited to the list given above, deliver according to BMS and this depends on project scope of work.

Qualifications Required

- Senior HSSE professional with good understanding of risk management in projects

- Demonstrated ability to drive improvement and is proactive in way of working.

- Good understanding of- and insight into the key HSSEQ disciplines.

- Significant insight into the regulatory framework relevant to project development and execution.

Duration 04.01.2021 - 23.12.2021

Location Stavanger