Assignment Description
Work as member in a Data Engineering DevOps team (our Data Platform team). As a team member handle all types of work related to the analytical solutions the team is responsible for in a product lifecycle perspective; develop and maintain solutions within our Microsoft Azure cloud-based data platform (Omnia) in our Data Platform framework for MMP called Atlas:

- Design and build external data loaders using Azure function app; serverless code using C# and .NET Core.
- Design and build an external data repository using Azure SQL; receiving external data where data is to be cleaned, formatted, standardized and mastered before consume.
- Load external and internal data into a datahub based om Azure SQL and Azure Synapse (to-be) for self-service, analytics and reporting.
- Extract and load data into the datahub using Azure Data Factory and similar technologies; making data available through the movement, combining, transforming and exposing of data including API creation.
- Make data available through an event based architecture (e.g. by using Azure Service Bus).
- Build monitors for data flows and quality; to ensure all commercial decisions are based on trusted data.
- Participate together with data analysts / data scientists in the business in timeboxed data explore and prototype activities.
- As a developer establish together with the team, the team's practices within data engineering, software development and security.
- As a developer contribute with continuous improvements, our slogan is: "Think big, but act small to create value fast".

Qualifications Required
- At least 1 years' experience working with Azure
- Experience with coding in C# and .NET Core
- Some API development for data consume and exchange experience
- Some database experience using SQL / NoSQL
- Some experience with data architecture and modelling incl. security and quality
- Familiarity with DevOps including CI /CD and infrastructure as code
- Familiarity with Azure DevOps or with Git
- Positive with experience with SSIS, ETL or ELT
- Positive with experience with data warehouse Personal qualities
- Strong team player
- Continuous learning and development attitude
- Positive “can do” attitude to take on challenges in unknown territory
- Perseverance in overcoming barriers and finishing products
- Enjoy creating value through solutions created in close cooperation with the business
- Language: English

Duration: 14.09.2020 -01.03.2022
Location: Rotvoll - Sør Trøndelag