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Omega Areal experiencing strong growth

Omega Areal is growing and receiving an ever-increasing number of assignments. The consulting company, which has 50 employees, is now looking to hire both civil engineers and civil architects in preparation for 2022.

Omega Areal er i sterk vekst, her er eit knippe samla i Ølensvåg. F.v Elisabeth Silde, Gisle Heggebø, Frode Eike, Sandra Hegerland, Lars Petter Vatna , Kari Kalstveit, Joakim Kyrre Myklebust og Lene Gregersen. (Foto: Omega Areal)Omega Areal is growing and receiving an ever-increasing number of assignments. Elisabeth Silde (left), Gisle Heggebø, Frode Eike, Sandra Hegerland, Lars Petter Vatna , Kari Kalstveit, Joakim Kyrre Myklebust and Lene Gregersen. (Photo: Omega Areal)

“We are receiving more assignments and, in particular, larger assignments. Our investment in establishing ourselves as an attractive supplier for large project jobs is yielding results. The growth we have seen in 2021 looks like it will continue next year as well,” says General Manager, Gisle Heggebø.

Despite the corona period, Omega Areal has recently been engaged in several major projects in the health sector, in regard to public buildings, and in the construction of fire stations. They have also worked on the development of the Flotmyr project in Haugesund. Now, they want to strengthen their team in most disciplines, including project management, architecture, engineering, construction, water and sewage, fire, plumbing, and geotechnics. The company is headquartered in Ølensvåg, Norway, with branch offices in Haugesund, Bergen, Stord and Os.

Many new assignments

“Especially in the public sector, we have recently secured many assignments and framework agreements with several municipalities. The assignments range from swimming pools to health-related buildings. We have been involved with many fire stations, both new constructions and rehabilitation projects. We have developed competence regarding new requirements in this area and the best solutions. This week we signed an agreement to rebuild a fire station in Bergen,” says Heggebø.

The company recently reached its goal of 50 employees. In the future, Heggebø hopes that the company can grow even further, however he refrains from suggesting how big he wants the team to grow.

“We now see that we can build on the growth we have had by hiring the right people for our team. Moving forward, it is important the we have size and a wide range of disciplines in one package for our clients. We have to ensure we have enough people in order to keep our clients happy.”

Need personnel

“We like challenges, both professionally and organizationally. It's nice to see that we can master large and complex projects. Based on our assignments and clients, we are almost exclusively looking for people with master's degrees or a lot of experience. This does not mean that we do not take in young people and recent graduates. We want to be an attractive workplace for young people as well. It is very important to have a good mix of people, both in relation to the working environment, but also in terms of input; we also want to encourage the courage that lies in young people, alongside the experience of our seniors. Even so, this time we are looking for experienced personnel,” says Heggebø.

About Omega Areal

Omega Areal is a subsidiary of Omega 365 and is a consulting company with a strong multidisciplinary environment that delivers a wide range of engineering and architectural services to public and private sectors throughout Haugalandet, Sunnhordland, and Bergen in Norway.