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Omega 365 Product Release Notes launch

Omega 365 Solutions is now set to keep system users and other interested parties up to date with the latest improvements in the Omega 365 system via a new video series – Product Release Notes. The first video was launched today.

Bilde av Johnny Vik og Jan Christian Brataas

The Omega 365 platform is under constant improvement and while this offers great advantages to system users, it also makes it important to communicate changes and developments quickly and effectively to those who rely on our system.

Following the successful production of introductory product films, client stories, and “Omega 365 Friday” presentations, the Omega 365 Solutions team is now also turning to video to present product updates to users in a detailed but personal manner.

“If we could personally present our system improvements to all of our users, we would – we see the use of video as the next best thing,” says Jan Christian Brataas, Head of Cloud, Technology and Products, and a regular face on Omega 365’s YouTube channel.

“Our aim is to reach our users with the information they need as soon as possible, whilst also creating a useful reference library that they can use as they require.”

Updates, demonstrations, and inside tips

The Product Release Notes series format sees product experts lead us through the most recent system updates, including demonstrations and inside tips. The first episode, released today, included a run-through of features including Mega Menu, Workflows, Access Management, Planner, Document, Cost, Contracts, Resource Management, and Risk Management. See the episode here

“Our focus is on adapting the system to meet the real-world requirements of our clients and users. As well as letting everyone know what is new in Omega 365, we take the time to let them know why and how the new functionality can be utilized to improve their project or organization,” explains Department Manager and product expert, Johnny Vik.

Product Release Note videos will be released on an ongoing basis as required. Subscribe to Omega 365’s YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest Product Release Notes and other videos from Omega 365.

Users can also read detailed Product Release Notes weekly via Omega 365 Docs.

About Omega 365 Solutions

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has gained a solid foothold in both the public sector and the construction and infrastructure industries. The company now has plans for a larger investment internationally, as well as in Norway, with the new Omega 365 cloud platform. The Omega 365 Group employs approximately 350 employees globally in the software business area. The Norwegian company has approximately 240 employees working on assignment at the client’s locations or at Omega 365 Solutions’ offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Kristiansund, Oslo, and Stjørdal. Omega 365 Solutions already has a long history of offering the Pims project management system to clients in the oil and gas industry. Omega 365 Solutions is one of several subsidiaries in the Omega 365 Group, which has a total of 1630 employees.