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Omega 365 in partnership with Microsoft

Omega 365 Solutions' partnership with Microsoft ensures the best possible delivery of the Omega 365 system through Microsoft Azure. “Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform, which helps us develop secure, future-ready solutions,” says Department Manager of Omega 365s Cloud Team, Andriejus Koleinikovas.

Mats Årvik, Cloud Solution Engineer in Omega 365 Solutions, and Andriejus Koleinikovas, Department Manager of Omega 365s Cloud Team, are hoping many employees will be interested in the Enterprise Skill Initiative.

“Because Omega 365 Solutions is using Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Azure was therefore a perfect choice. We can continue to develop our products using our favorite technologies whilst enjoying industry leading innovations in data storage, computer security, and reliability in the cloud environment,” says Koleinikovas.

The use of Microsoft Azure allows Omega 365 Solutions to save development time whilst also meeting security and growth expectations. With Omega 365 solutions in Azure, the company can provide a stable and reliable product to clients. Omega 365 Solutions’ employees receive training in Microsoft Azure to assure the company uses the platform to its full extent.  

“Our team requires new engineers to acquire AZ-104 certification (Azure Administrator). There are also certified engineers on other teams preparing to acquire Azure-related certifications. Microsoft Enterprise Skills initiative program can help engineers achieve their goals more efficiently,” Koleinikovas adds. 

Omega 365’s Cloud Team has acquired a high level of expertise in Microsoft's applications. 

“We’re a highly skilled team comprised of engineers with many years of experience developing, designing, and supporting Windows, Windows Server, Linux, and other products, both locally and in the cloud. Cloud Team engineers have Microsoft Azure Administrator, Microsoft Azure Architect, other Microsoft Azure data, and other computing certifications in Microsoft technologies. We’re also well versed in supporting Omega 365 solutions: Omega 365, Pims, and Pims 365,” adds Koleinikovas.

Omega 365 Solutions has also received a Microsoft partner network gold membership, which confirms that we meet Microsoft’s competence and performance requirements, both in cloud and with other Microsoft technologies. The Enterprise Skill Initiative is available to all staff with an account.