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New streaming room for Omega 365 videos

Omega 365 Solutions has created a new streaming room at Omega 365’s head office in Ølensvåg, Norway. The room will be an important space that will assist the company in continuing its Omega 365 Fridays series on YouTube, as well as supporting the development of new instructional videos about our products, says Head of Cloud, Technology, and Products, Jan Christian Brataas.  

Department Manager, Johnny Vik and Head of Cloud, Technology, and Products, Jan Christian Brataas in the new streaming room at Omega 365’s head office in Ølensvåg, Norway. 
"We set a goal in 2020 to provide more information about our products and technology to all Solutions employees, regardless of whether they are in Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia, or Singapore. Then came the idea of Omega 365 Friday, a livestream on YouTube that our employees can watch, both live and afterwards. As a side effect, we hope that clients may also be interested in following the episodes, to keep up to date with new developments," explains Brataas.

The room is well equipped, with a green screen that allows users to adjust the background; this provides more flexibility when editing the videos. Live webinars or prerecorded films for distribution are just some of the possibilities the room offers.  

The streaming room will become available to be used by other companies in the Omega 365 Group.  

"We collaborate well with Omega 365 Design team, who edit our videos. In our latest project, which started in December, we have made introductory videos for each module of the Omega 365 product. This is not livestreaming, but professionally edited videos. The videos will be distributed to both employees and clients, for training and as an introduction to all the functionality of Omega 365. We have also received excellent help from Omega employee, Anders Lunde, who is also a musician. He was commissioned to create a musical introduction for us, so Solutions now has its own unique sound,” says Brataas.    

It’s no coincidence that Brataas and fellow presenter, Johnny Vik, chose video as the preferred format for Omega 365 Fridays and their introductory packages.  

"A picture says more than a thousand words, and now we see that the video format is increasing in popularity both on social media and elsewhere. Short and concise videos provide higher value than written documentation when it comes to the introduction of functionality,” adds Brataas.  

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