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New Project Consultant Managers

Omega 365 Consulting has grown in recent years and continues to provide skilled resources to their many clients. The company recently expanded their team with two new Project Consultant Managers. Meet Helge Tvedt and Jan Bauge!

New Project Consultant Manager Jan Bauge (left), General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting, Anders Lunde, and new Project Consultant Manager Helge Tvedt.

“In order to best manage consultant requests and the needs of our employees, we have skilled personnel in our organization. Our team has grown, gradually and organically, to ensure a high level of service to both clients and consultants,” says General Manager in Omega 365 Consulting, Anders Lunde. 

Due to the vast project portfolios of Omega 365’s clients, there is a constant need to obtain experienced professionals for projects in Norway and around the world. 

“Helge Tvedt has been hired to take special responsibility for cross-border assignments. In addition to being a great person, Helge has experience from tourism, the insurance industry, and staffing. We strongly believe he will help our consultants and clients to receive even better service – which in turn secures Omega even more exciting assignments,” Lunde adds. 

Motivated by growth

Helge Tvedt was familiar with Omega 365 from his previous positions in recruitment. He suggests that "everyone" in the business wanted to work at Omega, and when he saw the advertisement, he was tempted to apply, despite enjoying the job he had at the time.

“I look forward to being part of a business that succeeds and grows and grows, both in Norway and, just as importantly, abroad. I am keen to find good solutions for our candidates, our clients, and our internal team, so we can unlock the great potential of this company. Growth is probably the most motivating factor for me,” says Tvedt. 

Meeting the needs of emerging sectors

Omega 365 Consulting is increasingly providing consultants to sectors other than oil and gas, and the need for resources outside of Omega 365’s traditional industry area is expected to rise. Identifying and delivering consultants across many industries requires a team of Consultant Managers with varied backgrounds and experience.

 “In this regard, we have been fortunate enough to have Jan Bauge join our team. Jan has experience within building and construction, infrastructure, and the energy sector,” says Lunde. 

Jan Bauge already had a very good impression of Omega 365, and when a suitable position appeared he took the opportunity to apply.

"Omega is an attractive workplace with a good reputation, rock-solid culture, and great history. I like working with people, networking, and working in teams that see opportunities, develop, and improve performance. My impression was that the position as Project Consultant Manager at Omega 365 Consulting offered me all these things,” says Bauge.  

With Helge and Jan onboard, Omega 365 Consulting now has 19 Project Consultant Managers, who are responsible for 716 consultants. Project Consultant Managers can be found at Omega 365 offices in Ølensvåg, Stavanger, Lysaker, and Bergen, and are supported by a team of eight people in Business Support, situated at Omega 365 headquarters in Ølensvåg. 

About Omega 365 Consulting

Omega 365 Consulting assists clients by providing personnel to projects in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and buildings, and more, in Norway and around the world. The company provides project personnel within areas of expertise such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations. For the delivery of IT, subsea, and maritime personnel, Omega 365 Consulting works closely with Omega 365 Solutions and Omega Subsea. This Norwegian company has approximately 716 consultants currently on assignment and are located at Omega 365’s offices in Stavanger, Ølensvåg, Oslo, and Bergen.