Inside Omega

Improving Omega 365

Do you have suggestions for improving Omega 365’s work locations, products, or processes?

At, you can now access a feature called Improve Omega – Contribute with suggestions.  We encourage all employees to share their ideas and feedback with us!

Systems Coordinator Rune Halbrend believes in employee-driven innovation to ensure a better solution

Why Improve Omega?

Improve Omega is designed to enable employees to contribute with suggestions to improve Omega 365 at the subsidiary or Group level.

“Suggestions can range from thoughts regarding small improvements, to bigger changes. For example, we added more functionality to the Vacation Overview, including a search and various filters, because of a suggestion,” says Systems coordinator, Rune Halbrend. 

The Improve Omega concept is not new to Omega 365, as it was previously available on Omega’s earlier intranet, Connect. The feature has been introduced again as a part of the new Omega 365 system. The intent behind the feature is still the same, encouraging all employees to contribute with suggestions. The employee will now be able to track the changes and feedback regarding their suggestion on

Halbrend believes employee-driven innovation ensures better products, and it was therefore important that the feature was easy to use and easily available. 

“It is now easy to add a suggestion from a smartphone or tablet and use the device’s camera or gallery to add attachments,” explains Halbrend.

How to use Improve Omega

Improve Omega can be found under the question mark on the top right-hand corner of the screen and is available for all employees. When you click the question mark a window will appear with a form prompting you to give your suggestion a title and a description; you can also add attachments.

Improve Omega can be found underneath the question mark and a form will pop up when you click on the feature

Submitted suggestions will be sent to Halbrend, who will assign the suggestions on to the correct Org Unit/person for evaluation.