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Voss Apartment

We have a new apartment in Tråstølen, only 5 km from Voss city center. The apartment is located right next to the ski slopes and is perfect for those looking to enjoy nature either on skis or on foot. In addition to beautiful nature, Voss has a lot to offer all year!

The apartment

  • 75 m2
  • 2 bedrooms, 5 (6) beds
    • 1 double bed (150 cm)
    • 2 family bunk beds (120/90 cm)
    • 1 bed (90 cm)
  • 1 bathroom/laundry
  • Living room/kitchen
  • Hallway
  • Storage room

NB! Smoking prohibited.

Please remember that check-in is after 17:00 PM and check-out is at 12:00 PM. If you are leaving on a Sunday and no one is booked after you, you can stay longer. Cleaning is done on weekdays.


  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Coffee maker
  • Shoe dryer
  • Smart-TV
  • Internet
  • Terrace with outdoor furniture
  • Gas grill

What to bring

  • Bed linen and towels
  • Kitchen towels and cloths
  • Toilet paper and hand soap


Parking is at the front of the apartment building.


You have to pick up a key card and house key in a key box outside the reception entrance at Bavallstunet Voss. The key box is on the bottom row, the fourth box from the right. It is marked with «U0101». You will receive the code to the key box by e-mail about 14 days before you leave.

The key card is for the road barrier, the entrance door to the building, and to the apartment. If there is a problem with the key card, contact Halvard or Kaia at +47 984 78 038 / +47 918 13 908. If they don't answer, call +47 982 86 931 (Aslaug at the Omega 365 Administration).

If you were to lose the key card, or you need an extra card, a key card can be found in a key box behind the stairs to the second floor. The code to the key box will be sent to you by e-mail.

Image of the reception entrance at Bavallstunet Voss

Charging Station

There are several charging stations for electric cars outside the apartment building.


The road and the car park will be plowed when there is fresh snow.



Tråstølsvegen 480
Apartment U0101
5710 Skulestadmo

The apartment is located on the first floor and the entrance door is marked "Omega".

From the apartment, it is a 5–10 minute drive to the nearest grocery store in Skulestadmo.



Voss has a lot to offer – go to and (in Norwegian only) for information about exciting activities and hikes!


Drive to Skulestadmo and turn left in the roundabout with signs to Bavallen. Continue on this road further up. You have to pass the road to Tråstølen to pick up the keys in the reception at Bavallstunet. When you have the keys, drive a few hundred meters back and exit to the left to Tråstølen. Use the key card to open the road barrier, and continue for 4–5 minutes (many turns) until you cross a bridge. Just after the bridge, turn left down towards the apartment building. Parking is in front of the building. The apartment is on the first floor, and the entrance is located in the middle of the building. 

Directions Directions

Distance from main cities in Southern Norway

  • Oslo–Voss 360 km
  • Haugesund–Voss 220 km
  • Bergen–Voss 100 km

During your stay

  • Always turn on the kitchen fan during cooking. The stove is equipped with a stove guard.
  • Turn on the water for the dishwasher by turning the tap to the left. Remember to always close the water after use.
  • Plug in the washing machine socket and turn on the water. Remember to unplug it and turn off the water after use.
  • A user display is located on the right-hand side of the heat pump.
  • Turn on the main switch for the TV and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi password is written under the box.
  • TV: there are no channels available, but the Smart-TV offers many options for watching movies and series.

Fire alarms

You will find a fire blanket and fire distinguisher in the hallway. In the event of a fire alarm, you must follow the instructions given on the poster in the hallway.

In the event of a fire alarm in the whole building, you have to go to the second floor. Follow the instructions on the cabinet.


Please leave the cabin tidy after your stay. We have our own cleaners who clean between guests. If they have to spend more than two hours, this extra cost will be charged to the employee.

On departure

  • Bring all garbage and empty goods. Empty the fridge and freezer for all food. Empty the dishwasher.
  • Clean the fridge, stove, and all other kitchen surfaces.
  • All garbage must be sorted (paper/cardboard, residual waste, glass, empty goods), and thrown in the containers by the exit to Tråstølen.
  • Set the heating cables to 15 degrees.
  • Set the heat pump to 20 degrees during winter. It should be set to Auto.
  • Remember to turn off the water taps for the dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Turn off all indoor lights.
  • Close and lock all doors and windows.
  • Put the key card and keys back in the key box at Bavallstunet.


If you need assistance or information during your stay, you may contact Omega 365 at + 47 5377 5377 or +47 982 86 931.


Feedback assists us in improving our Advantage accommodation. Please provide feedback on defects, flaws, or damage.

Enjoy your stay!