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Omega 365 Sit Down Sessions - Emma Ireland

15. september 2022

In this edition of our Omega 365 Sit down sessions video series, we meet the new General Manager of Omega 365 Australia, Emma Ireland, to discuss her new role, growing team, and the Norwegian work culture.

New Product Manager for Pims R4

8. september 2022

To better align our capabilities and deliver better products and services to our customers, we have made a change to the Pims R4 leadership team.

Omega 365 Sit Down Sessions - Robin Tan

2. september 2022

In our new video series, Omega 365 Sit Down Sessions, you will have the chance to get to know various members of the global Omega 365 team, and hear what is important to them and their business areas. In our first Sit down session, we meet General Manager of Omega 365 Singapore, Robin Tan.

Learn about Omega365 and earn Advantage points

26. august 2022

Omega 365 Solutions has released an Academy course providing all Omega 365 team members with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of our Omega 365 system, whilst also earning Advantage points.

Improving Omega 365

24. august 2022

Do you have suggestions for improving Omega 365’s work locations, products, or processes?

Family celebration for Omega 365 Lithuania

22. august 2022

Omega 365 Lithuania invited its employees and their families to a summer celebration to remember in July. Check out our video of the event to see how this dedicated Omega 365 team celebrated a busy 2022 so far with a big dose of family fun!

Spotlight: Frode Haaland

20. juli 2022

System developer and comic book enthusiast, Frode Haaland, celebrates his 25th anniversary as an Omega employee in July. Frode believes he knows why Omega 365 employees choose to stay with the company for the long haul.

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