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Consultant stories: Siw Hovland Ophaug

2. februar 2023

Siw Hovland Ophaug is in her second period as a consultant in Omega 365. Consultant life has given her the opportunity to work with project management.

Spotlight: Øystein Berge-Olsen

30. januar 2023

Øystein Berge-Olsen is a practitioner who loves developing good system solutions for customers. He likes it best when the day offers a challenge or two.

Construction Ready to Start in Suldal

20. januar 2023

Omega 365 Areal plays a central role in building the new Suldal nursing home. Construction will start soon on what will become an innovative institution in the municipality of Suldal.

Generating opportunities for potential candidates

19. januar 2023

Omega 365 Lithuania is growing and looking for new software system developers. Lately, it has been very popular to join the company via a training course called the Appframe Certification Program (ACP).

Advantage for training and development

17. januar 2023

Omega 365’s unique Advantage program is your gateway to international Team Events, local get-togethers, and a wide range of Holiday Houses, but did you know you can also choose to use your Advantage points on training and development?

Lifehack video update: A new start

13. januar 2023

In November 2022, 23 participants were ready to program their new lives via Lifehack. The programming course is held at Omega 365's office in Stjørdal and is aimed at refugees and immigrants who participate in mandatory Norwegian and culture courses. See a video update from the course here!

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