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FAQ - Team Events

Advantage Team Events are team-based social events that you may use your Advantage points to sign up for. Team Events brings employees together for sporting events, concerts, dinners and exiting trips. Offers may be open to all Advantage members, specific groups looking for teambuilding opportunities, or only for specific branches or international partners/offices.

Published: 11. September 2023

Sign up

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose Team Events from the Advantage menu
  3. Click on the teambuilding event you want to register for
  4. Click the Sign Up button at the top left
  5. Click Sign up and put number of guest (s), and click Submit
  6. You will see a pop-up with the following text:
  7. Submit first name, last name, and age of your guest, and save by clicking the pencil
  8. Advantage points will be subtracted from your account immediately after you have signed up

Sign up cost

The amount of Advantage points that will be deducted from your Advantage Account for participation are shown on the tab for each team event under Team Events on

Advantage Account balance required to sign up

The Advantage program requires that you have 0 or more points in your Advantage Account in order to sign up for an Advantage Team Event. The booking system will automatically manage your booking abilities, based on your current account balance.

The 0 point limit ensures Advantage members are only using the points they have available, and therefore assists in distributing our Advantage Team Events fairly.

First come, first served sign up system

Participants are confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

Participant list

When you sign up for an event you will appear on the event's participant list.

Signing up with a negative Advantage-account balance

If you have less than 0 points in your Advantage-account, you will be added to the waiting list if you sign up for a teambuilding.

Waiting list

If the team event is fully booked, you will be informed that you have been added to the waiting list. You will be contacted via e-mail if and when your participation is confirmed, at which time cancellation details for your particular situation will be made clear to you.

Employees who end their employment whilst on a waiting list will be removed from the waiting list/s in question.


Advantage Team Events may be open only to employees, or to employees and their guests:

  • Single: the offer is only open to employees
  • Guest: employees may also have the option of bringing a guest. If you register a guest, the points to be deducted from your Advantage Account will be doubled
  • Family: employees have the option of bringing a guest, or a guest and children. If you bring a guest, the points to be deducted from your Advantage Account will be doubled. Additional points will be charged for children; these costs will be outlined in the information related to the offer in question


The inclusions of each Advantage event are outlined in the tab for each event. Expenses going beyond these inclusions are outside of the Advantage programme offer and must be paid for by the participant.

Your Events

The events and teambuildings you have signed up for will be listed up under My Team Events.


Flights is included in points required for almost all Team Events, but if not included points can be used for flights to and from the Team Events in Norway as long as you have a positive balance in your Advantage Account. Flights from outside of Norway must be approved by the Omega 365, based on your available Advantage Points.

Please clarify with Omega 365 before you book and pay for your flight.

This offer is only valid if the flight tickets are not included in the Advantage points deducted for the specific Team Event.


When you sign up for an event, the Advantage points will be deducted from your Advantage account immediately. You can cancel your booking within seven days after sign up:

  1. Go to Advantage on
  2. Find your booking under My Team Events and click Update Participants/Products, and then Cancel Signup
  3. Advantage points will be refunded immediately after cancellation

If you want to cancel your booking later than seven days after you have signed up, please contact Omega 365, Points will then only be refunded if, after cancellation, your place/s is/are filled by other users.

If your cancellation is on account of sickness (or similar), please notify Omega 365 so that your situation can be taken into consideration.

Suggesting an offer

Omega 365’s Advantage programme is unique in that we encourage you to suggest your own Advantage Team Events. Many of our past offers have been the initiative of team members. To suggest an Advantage Team Event:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Team Events from the Advantage menu
  3. Click on the Suggest New Offer at the top of the page
  4. Complete the Suggest New Offer form

In order to gain approval, suggested Advantage Team Events must be seen to promote professional development, team building, and/or HSE. The approval of Advantage Team Events is at the discretion of the Omega 365. Your suggestion will be processed as quickly as possible and the Omega 365 Service Center will contact you to let you know if your suggestion has been approved or not.

Rules and regulations may differ by country or organization across companies in Omega 365 - please contact your local administration for more information.