All around Norway, we are gladly welcoming our team members back to their offices. Norway is mobilizing again, and Omega has measures in place to ensure that we can return safely to work.

“We are impressed with the work that has been completed during a period where many of our team members opted to work from home,” say Corporate HSEQ Manager, Karina Hovden Stava.

“What pleases us even more is the fact that we have had the opportunity to welcome so many of them back to their offices over the past weeks, and we expect that the majority of our employees will return this week as schools in Norway open for almost all students.”

Stava has spoken to representatives from all of Omega’s Norwegian offices in recent days. Across the board, office managers confirm that hygiene measures are heightened, appropriate signage is in place, and workstations are adjusted to ensure that the required social distance exists between employees. Canteens are open at several locations.

“Our offices are flexible when it comes to adjusting the working environment and I would encourage anyone that feels the need to discuss their return to the office, to contact their Omega manager,” advises Stava.

She points out that Omega team members who are on assignment with our clients should continue to follow the directions set by the client, but suggests that many organizations are trending towards a return to the office now.

“Organizations know how important the work environment is for us all, both professionally and socially.”

“We’ve done a great job making this work, but as an organization that thrives on teamwork and innovation, there is nothing that can replace having our team gathered under our many roofs once more.”

At the same time, Stava is aware that many Omega team members around the world do not have the opportunity to return to their workplaces just yet.

“We will share our experiences during this transition with our international managers, so it can assist them in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to keep up the good work, regardless of your current work location. We look forward to welcoming you all back!”.