Omega Design has expanded its team and strengthened its expertise within film production and app development.

Omega Design has expanded and now provides services in film production and mobile app development, strengthening its position as a supplier of design and communication services. (From l-r) CEO, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland, leader of the mobile-app team, Bente Bakke, and Film photographer, Elin Sørheim. (Photo: Eva Karina Hjelmeland Moe).

This creative Omega subsidiary has recently established its own app-development team, made up of team members, Bente Bakke, Espen Gjendem, and Jostein Skaar. These three employees have been part of Omega PS for the past year, but now join Omega’s design and communication company. In addition to app development and film production, the team at Omega Design provide graphic design, PR, communication, training courses, and content production. 

«It’s really great to welcome the mobile app team to Omega Design. Through this expansion we strengthen the company considerably in terms of both design and system development,» says CEO in Omega Design, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland.

«Over the past six months, we have established ourselves as a quality supplier of film production, thanks to Elin Sørheim and Kristian Risanger, who have joined our team and brought with them experience and competence. This ensures that we are ready to meet the needs of the market with the resources we have within design, content production, communication, web design and development, and online-store development.»

Film photographer, Elin Sørheim, has extensive experience from the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, in Oslo.

«It’s important for me to tell my audience a story; this storytelling approach is something the business community can also benefit from. It’s about finding the heart of the story,» says Sørheim.

Will be a market leader

Bente Bakke moved recently to Etne, close to Omega HQ in Ølensvåg, and now leads the mobile app team in Omega Design. Bakke is an experienced UX designer, having worked for, amongst others, Visma Consulting. At Visma, she was involved in many large projects including a website for The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that was designed to explain the integration process in simple terms for immigrants who could not understand Norwegian. Now, Bakke is focused on her vision for mobile app development in Omega Design.

«Our goal is to be a market leader in mobile app development in our region. Initially, we will build a solid portfolio of reference projects, but by the end of the year I believe our team will have developed enough professionally that we can also tackle larger mobile-app projects,» suggests Bakke.

«It is important for me that we provide good advice and everything organizations and clients require in an app. Not everyone needs an app, but if you have a large website it is wise to break down the functions on the site and focus on a selected service in a mobile application.»

Passionate about the right solutions

Bakke suggests that the need for UX design, universal design, and well-facilitated digital products, like websites and apps, will only increase.

«We are passionate about this and will create solutions of high quality for clients,» assures Bakke. In her team, she has Espen Gjendem and Jostein Skaar. Gjendem is fervently interested in programming and development; now, he is excited to build a local app team.»

«Programming is one of my passions because it gives me the opportunity to create something that others can benefit from; I also enjoy the problem-solving aspect. When we take time to think through a potential solution, and it turns out that that solution also works – that’s a great feeling. That’s the feeling I am always after,» explains Gjendem.

Jostein Skaar is also part of the mobile app team.

«We want to build a service that provides fast and solid mobile applications. Omega is good at thinking outside of the box and I like that,» says Skaar.

«It is quite unique to have such a large range of services available under one roof in this region,» concludes Hjelmeland.